How To Start

If you've never made a game before, or if you haven't had luck making them in the past, it can be tough to even start. In my experience, the toughest step is just setting aside some time, sitting down, and allowing yourself to have the confidence to learn and create.

Step One: What Skills Do You Have?

The video game is an incredible medium. It can take an incredible amount of work in a huge array of skill-sets, so it can seem daunting to even begin. Instead of focusing on the vast amount of skills encompassing game design, focus on what skills you already possess! Are you a programmer? Can you create stunning art work? Do you enjoy writing? Take inventory of all the abilities you already have, and think about how they can be leveraged to make a video game!

Step Two: Find Some Tools

There isn't just one correct way to make video games. You can spend a lifetime looking for the right way to make games, or the right programming language to use, or the right way to design the perfect level, but instead of looking for the right way to do any of this, it's important to look for a good way that YOU can create something. Take into account the skills you have, your own personal tastes, and your budget - then find tools that support all of that.

Step Three: Make Games!

Once you've taken a look around at some potential tools, the best thing you can do is just start creating! Try to set up a working environment, some software is free or open source, but some of the tools out there cost money - try to find a demo version of those to start off with! Look up some tutorials, experiment, and don't be afraid to fail! Your first few games probably won't meet the standards you've set for yourself, but try to enjoy the act of creation! Everything you do will expand your personal experience and help your next adventure in game development!