Numbers are one type of data that can be operated on. Let's explore another data type within the REPL. Take a set of quotes and put some text in it and hit ENTER:


The REPL will print hello back to you. This is a string. A string is a set of characters (letters and symbols) stringed together as one single piece of data. This string is made of 9 characters:


Like numbers, there are operators to make strings play with each other. The concatenate operator (..) combines strings together:

"hello" .. "world"

What's the result? Notice that the resulting string has no space between the two words. If you wanted a space, you would have to put one in the quotes to be part of the operation:

"hello " .. "world"

You could even make a separate string with the space in it:

"hello" .. " " .. "world"

Strings can have any characters in them that you want.

"abc" .. "123"
"Япо́нский" .. "ロシア語!!"


  • Try using an arithmetic operator on strings "hello" / "world". What happens?
  • Try using the concatenate operator (..) on numbers (1 .. 1).

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